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Anfuote :Self- Installed Home Solar Storage Solution

Expandable Up to 2.5-10.6kWh | Triple MPPT 2400W Max Input | 800W-2400W Output | LiFePO4 7000+ Cycles | App Control | IP67 Waterproof | Self-installation in 10 mins

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Save Your Electric Bill

The average household uses 3,500 kWh of electricity per year. By using the BP2500 storage system with two solar panels, you can save 496€ on your annual electricity expenses.
With the BP5300 system plus six solar panels, you could save up to 1,400€ on your yearly electricity costs.
Receive a full return on investment in just 3 years on average! 


Intelligent Solar Energy Allocation 

Automatically managing the flow of energy adjusts based on how much power the household needs. It's a smart and seamless way to ensure you always have solar energy powering your household for lower electrical bills, without any complex manual adjustments.

This system ensures any failure in one solar panel will not bring the whole solar array down.

Expandable Input & Output
for Any Energy Needs

Our energy system offers a sleek, minimalist design with a capacity that scales from 2.5 kWh to 10.6 kWh. It's designed for an easy self-installation in just 10 minutes and includes an EMS controller that supports output power ranging from 1.6kW to 2.4kW.


Simple Self-Installation in 10 mins

Experience solar power made simple with our system that installs in just 10 minutes. Save money with no need for professional installation fees. Our sleek design is ideal for balconies and easy to move. Self-install and avoid extra costs. Switch to solar and power your life with ease.

Battery Guaranteed  10 Years
Longest-Lasting Lifespan of 30 Years

Get a 10-year guaranteed performance for our battery cells, backed by MSIG insurance certification. Trust in a reliable, insured energy solution that promises quality for years to come.

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Product liability insurance includes a ten-year quality warranty and property protection.

MC4 Universal Compatible with 99% Micro-Inverters & Solar Panels

​Unparalleled universal compatibility with any MC4 connectors, enabling you to use a wide range of solar panels and microinverters available in the market. Whether you have existing solar panels or micro inverters, Anfuote seamlessly integrates with both.


Anfuote App for Remote Monitoring and Control

Our app intelligently calculates your energy savings and offers a detailed view of your electricity usage. It allows you to select the operating mode of the machine and manage electricity sales, among other functions.

IP67 Waterproof & Dust Protection
7,000+ Cycles Batteries

Our batteries boast an IP67 waterproof rating and are made with materials that endure extreme heat and resist fire, ensuring suitability for harsh outdoor environments. The durable LFP batteries are engineered to exceed 7,000+ cycles while maintaining over 70% of their capacity, promising longevity and reliability.


Innovative Affordable Balcony
Micro Solar System

Say farewell to the expense and hassle of traditional solar systems. Our balcony micro solar battery storage system provides a cost-effective solution, making green energy accessible without complex installation. Equip your space with Anfuote batteries, panels and micro inverters for efficient power savings.

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